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Project: Dawn of Hope!

Eve 2 Dawn Events has teamed up with Lions Care to create Project Dawn of Hope!

We have been a proud partner of Lions Care and we are responsible for the planning and marketing of their fundraising events. 

Tunnel to Towers Event

As recently as May 14, 2022,  we planned a fundraiser for Tunnel to Towers, a New York based nonprofit organization that builds mortgage-free smart homes for the most catastrophically injured veterans and first responders. Together, we successfully raised $5,200 for T2T !

Tunnel to Towers Logo.png
Tunnel to Towers Logo.png

Project: Dawn of Hope is something that is honest, sincere, and close to our hearts. We pledge to do the following:


Together with Lions Care, we will continue to work hard and support all of the nonprofits and charities we care about the most! We will host various events dedicated to one or more of these charity organizations, just as we did for T2T !


Together with Lions Care, we will participate in RAK's (Random Acts of Kindness). A RAK may occur at any given place at any given time! Someone could end up getting a free meal at a diner, or a free fill-up at a gas station! So it pays to be nice!


Eve2Dawn Events will always donate $100 to the charity of choice, for every event that we book! 


Project: Dawn of Hope was inspired by the simple concept of "giving back" and "paying it forward". These days, it's unfortunate that we hear these "catch phrases" all the time. Often, they become hollow and cliche phrases that lack true meaning. And most often, words are only words, unless and until they are backed by real actions.


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